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LifeShield Wireless Home Alarm Security Systems

LifeShield is an entirely new approach to security for homes, apartments and small businesses using the most advanced digital and wireless technologies. It is the first "professional-grade," professionally monitored security system that can be easily self-installed by individuals.

No other home security system is better designed to fully leverage broadband connectivity. As a result, LifeShield gives customers better protection, reliability, and superior control compared to traditional analog-based security systems. Unlike traditional security systems, since LifeShield is completely wireless, it is ideal for renters as well as homeowners no drilling required!

How is a LifeShield Kit different than other systems?

Value: See how LifeShield is a better value than other providers. Also, only LifeShield offers Pay-As-You-Go security monitoring with NO CONTRACTS.

Control: LifeShield allows you to stay in touch with your home, anywhere and anytime: Within the home, the system can be controlled by:
Handset (that also serves as a cordless phone)
LifeShield's unique, two-way Keychain Remote.
Outside of the home, LifeShield customers can control their system via ANY Internet-connected device. LifeShield monthly monitoring plans include unlimited web access, text and email message notification.

NOTE: home phone line is NOT required for security monitoring but is required to utilize the handset as a cordless phone.

Self-installable, self-customizable: LifeShield is the first "professional grade" system that can be self-installed in minutes. The system is delivered pre-configured so it can be working only moments after it is plugged in. Sensors are easily affixed to doors and windows (or even cabinets), and then registered via the handset.

The Protection Heartbeat: LifeShield is always on and always connected to send vital data to LifeShield's servers several times per minute. LifeShield continually watches for any change in your "grid", including a cut telephone line, so that the consumer or the monitoring center immediately knows if there's a problem.

Professional Monitoring: LifeShield Security is the only self-installed home protection system that is professionally monitored. All systems are professionally monitored by Guardian Protection Services, the world's largest privately-held security company. Guardian is consistently ranked as one of the top security companies in the nation and has been protecting lives and property for over 50 years.

Website Access and Control: LifeShield allows consumers to control and manage their home protection systems easily through MyLifeShield. An easy-to-navigate web interface allows subscribers to assign user-friendly names to their sensors (as opposed to "Zone 8"), deploy non-emergency sensorssuch as liquor cabinets or swimming pool gates - and even adjust entry and exit delays.

Home Connect: Home Connect enables consumers to link multiple LifeShield Kits together to protect the homes of elderly parents or a vacation house. Monitoring for additional systems, billed to the same address, is $15.99/month.

Weather: LifeShield delivers up-to-the-minute weather forecasts to the Handset and Console at the touch of a button. This is just another example of how, in addition to superior protection, LifeShield offers the most daily convenience.

Severe Weather Alerts: If the national weather bureau issues a severe weather notification, LifeShield alerts you immediately.

Email and Cell Phone Notifications: Each LifeShield Kit can be customized to send non-emergency alerts via email or text message. For example, a parent can be notified when their child comes home from school or if an elderly parent did not open their medicine cabinet by 9AM.

Get LifeShield Home Alarm Security Systems. LifeShield is an innovative home alarm security system - only LifeShield has triple protection and an i

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